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U clip Keyshot 9 package

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This package is for a Keyshot user/learner who wants to see a workflow addressing the below elements.

Lighting setup with HDRI pins and settings

Streamlining materials enabling quicker renders while not sacrificing on material communication. Using nodes to the minimum for the purpose of time effective visualisation

Camera setup showing choice of angles, principles, composition, balance and depth of field setup

Image styles negating the need to add more environments

Model sets configuration efficiently switching between different setups for storytelling and diversity. Also allows for flexibility in workflow

• No post production is one shortcut of saving time provided quality doesnt suffer.

Organizational structure which I follow for easier navigation in the long run as files can get more flexible and complex (for me 😊).

Included in the package:

• Keyshot 9 Package file including 3d model

• 6 reusable HDRI environment setups for 9 renders

• 8 camera setups

• 9 Studios linking cameras, environments and model sets for easy and efficient queuing of renders

• 2 multi materials for the two critical parts of the design

• Materials applied to respective parts with material graph nodes which are finetuned for environments in the package

• All native Keyshot textures included in the materials

What is not included:

• Native 3dm file where design was created. Will be available for free later on.

• No photoshop files are included in the package as I didn’t do any retouching for the final visuals.

Feel free to tag me in case you use the content or assets. The name is Roshan Hakkim on all platforms in case you want to tag me.

Feel free to use the assets and its contents for personal or commercial projects. You are however not allowed to resell the files or its contents.

If you have any questions please reach out to

In case you have any requests for future content shares please reach out to me.

For all the many respondents who purchased and got in touch a big thank you to you all! Your support means a lot. Period.

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U clip Keyshot 9 package

5 ratings
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